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Nuvair / Coltri MCH 16 - Compressor

The new MINI-VERTICUS & VERTICUS Series from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN set the standards of the future for stationary high-pressure compressor systems. The series combines the quality and reliability of the preceding stationary compressor series with an all-new design, B-APP smartphone connection, online air quality monitoring and outstanding ergonomic features. The market leading breathing air compressor for scuba diving and fire fighting. For industrial high pressure gas or air applications please watch the Video on our VERTICUS and MINI-VERTICUS industry series
The Nuvair Mini Tech air compressor uses a pumping unit that is made from top quality materials; connecting rods from aluminum alloy, stainless steel intercoolers and aftercoolers that are more than four meters in length, and cylinders of special cast iron. The electric motor uses an aluminum housing to keep weight to a minimum, making the station very compact.

Hydraulic tools - Stanley

  1. Stanley-iw16350-hydraulic-underwater-impact-wrench
  2.  BR67320 Hydraulic Underwater Medium to Heavy Breaker
  3. HD45310 Hydraulic Underwater Hammer Drill
  4. SK58310 Hydraulic Underwater Sinker Drill
  5.  HD45110D Hydraulic Hammer Drill OC 736 Skill Hex - Military Model
  6. HD45110B Hydraulic Hammer Drill OC 736 Skill Hex
  7. 02333 Moil Point - 1-1/8 in. Hex x 6 in - Tool Bit for Stanley Underwater Breaker BR67
  8. CH1513101 Hydraulic Chipping Hammer
  9. GR29310 Hydraulic Underwater Grinder
  10. BR6717801A Hydraulic T-Handle Breaker